GEV Corp. is a Chicago-based energy consulting and brokering firm made up of an unmatched team of energy professionals that have the integrity and decades of experience necessary to provide maximum benefits to consumers. The GEV team protects consumers from the risks involved in dealing with energy suppliers and utility companies.

From data centers to large office buildings to manufacturers to the Chicago Public Schools, GEV has a proven record of negotiating, monitoring and enforcing favorable energy supply contracts.

GEV’s bottom line is to help your bottom line. GEV only solicits bids from suppliers who have agreed to supply contract language negotiated by GEV to protect the customer. GEV can provide you with a free analysis to determine the savings your business can achieve. Please e-mail a recent electric or gas bill to

Our Experience

GEV has over 17 years in the electricity and gas market starting off negotiating the first major competitive power deal in Illinois. The members of our team of energy professionals collectively have over 100 years of experience in energy law, economics and supply and manage over 100 million KWh of energy a year.

Gives You Power

Over the past 17 years GEV has accumulated over $150 million dollars in savings for its clients. Signing on with GEV Corp. means lowering your utilities’ bottom line. Our energy experts put the power to make the best energy decisions in your hands with apples-to-apples comparisons of energy offers.