We help energy consumers realize the three promises of competition in the energy market:

Choice, Savings, and Service.

GEV Corp. is uniquely qualified. We can best advise and represent consumers on electricity because core principals helped write the legislation that created Illinois’ competitive electricity market in 1999.

311 S. Wacker, a GEV client
311 S. Wacker, a GEV Client

In the same year, our team developed a proprietary computer model to evaluate electricity supply alternatives based on a customer’s specific needs. This computer model has been used to analyze thousands of accounts.

The GEV Corp. team also spearheaded an effort on behalf of Trizec Properties, Inc. to remedy problems, such as unstable utility delivery charges, identified after the electricity market opened.

Working with all interested stakeholders – Commonwealth Edison, competitive suppliers, consumers, and government representative –

Aqua Tower, a GEV Client

our efforts culminated in a comprehensive settlement agreement  that established a framework for efficient and ethical competition in Northern Illinois.

Contact us and start receiving the service that generated hundreds of millions of dollars in savings for the Chicago Public Schools, Sears (Willis) Tower, Aqua Tower, Loyola Academy, 311 S. Wacker, and many other large- and medium-sized businesses. You can realize these savings too.