Sears (Willis) Tower, Chicago Public Schools, Data Centers, Our clients benefit from GEV’s powerful range of services.

Sears Tower (Now Willis Tower)

When electricity competition began in Illinois, Trizec Properties, Inc. asked GEV President and CEO Patrick Giordano to analyze its electricity supply options for Sears Tower and four other Chicago office buildings. The results were impressive. Giordano negotiated agreements with suppliers that resulted in savings of over $5 million over 3 years.

You don’t need to pay electricity bills for a massive facility like the Willis Tower to generate substantial savings. GEV also has helped many other clients like leading property manager Magellan Property Management, Ferrite International, Rocknel Fastener, and Aqua Tower receive massive savings.

“With expert advice from Patrick Giordano, we were able to fully analyze our energy choices and achieve true savings. Patrick and his team [GEV] kept us informed every step of the way, and we relied on their intimate knowledge of the electricity restructuring law to help us evaluate alternatives and negotiate enforceable contracts for reliable, inexpensive electricity.” –Thomas Keaty, Former Director of Mechanical Operations for Sears (Willis)Tower.

Chicago Public Schools

For the Chicago Public Schools, GEV carried out an electricity supplier comparison process and developed a contract that protected the schools and included renewable energy. GEV ran the procurement process to provide 675 different institutions with electricity.

Thanks to GEV, Chicago’s students could be taught in schools that run on 20% renewable energy which comprised the largest renewable energy purchase by any U.S. school district.

GEV handled the electricity procurement process for the Chicago Public Schools three times in total andschool has saved the schools and Chicago taxpayers over $110 million in electricity costs under three different administrations, including that of former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. According to the Public Schools, the savings enabled the School Board to wire all schools for computers and provide air conditioning in many buildings.

You can realize these savings too. Contact GEV and receive the service that generated hundreds of millions of dollars in savings for the Chicago Public Schools. Or let us help you realize your green potential with Renewable Energy Certificates. Institutions of all sizes can become leaders in Renewable Energy!

Substantial Refund for Large Data Center

GEV has recently achieved a substantial refund for a large data center. This refund was achieved by reviewing the bills of the competitive supplier and uncovering a major error that had occurred for several months. Then, GEV utilized the language of the competitive supply contract, which GEV had put in place for this data center, to force the supplier to refund the full overcharge plus accumulated interest.